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    If you want to compile Apache yourself (possibly to help with development or tracking down bugs), see Compiling Apache for Microsoft Windows. Open your browser type in and Enter. Note for people familiar with the Unix version of Apache: these commands provide a Windows equivalent to kill -TERM pid and kill -USR1 pid . To start an installed Apache service you'll use this: httpd.exe -k start -n "MyServiceName" To stop an Apache service via the command line switches, use this: httpd.exe -k stop -n "MyServiceName" or httpd.exe -k shutdown -n "MyServiceName" You can also restart a running service and force it to reread its configuration file by using: httpd.exe -k restart -n "MyServiceName" By default, all Apache services are registered to run as the system user (the LocalSystem account). With Drupal 7.42 since february 3, 2016. This is found on line 212 of the default httpd.conf file. You'll then be asked for your Server name, Domain name and an administrative email account. 2.2.31 (released 2015-07-16) . You can also manually set these via the Local Security Policy MMC snap-in. The recommended default is ThreadsPerChild 150, but this must be adjusted to reflect the greatest anticipated number of simultaneous connections to accept. ConsI expected a single file with an .msi extension, not the source files which are mainly for debugging. The -d switch on the command line. If you have modified httpd.conf, the new child may not start or you may receive unexpected results. Log in or register to post comments Page status DeprecatedLog in to edit this page About this page Drupal versionDrupal 5.x Migration archive Core modules Site Building Guide archive Is Drupal secure? Third party resources Upgrading from Drupal 5 to 6 Tips on using the documentation User management in Drupal 6 The Drupal Cookbook (for beginners) Is Drupal the right tool for the job? Administration and security book archive Backup and restore using bash shell scripts Creation and Update in Drupal 7 Develop for Drupal archiveUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) SimpleTest Tutorial (Drupal 6) Form API - outline documentation for Drupal 6 How to build a Drupal virtual appliance from scratch on Ubuntu 9.04 'Status' field values for nodes and comments 7. For details see the Official Announcement and the CHANGES2.2 or condensed CHANGES2.2.31 lists. 4bd2d66645

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